ZEOTECH system is specially designed for urban rainwater harvesting. With the implementation of compulsory rainwater harvesting in the Uniform Building By-law (UBBL) in Malaysia, new building development is required to incorporate rainwater harvesting features in their designs as a means of conserving water.

The system essentially integrates modern aesthetical values, performance, reliability and simplicity to harvest free and abundant rain water for all non potable applications in residential, commercial or industrial developments.

ZEOTECH system, comprising of a complete range of product and accessories, offers various designs of proprietary ZEOTECH tanks for both indoor and outdoor use; as well as PURITY pre-filters and accessories to remove sediments from the rainwater and controls waterflow before entering into the storage tanks.



> REJANG Series

  • Aboveground tanks with small footprint
  • 600 litres and 1200 litres

> ENDAU Series

  • Under-the roof compact loft tanks
  • 230 litres to 1100 litres

> TERA Series

  • Underground tanks for larger buildings
  • 1200, 2000 and 3000 litres

> DUOS Tanks

  • Unique 2-in-1 design as water tank-cum-planter. Solid colours with patterned surface design
  • 300 litres




PURITY Prefilters & Accessories 

> First Flush Diverter

> Compact Filter

> Downpipe Filter

> Industrial class filters

> Part-Fill Valve





> Commercial buildings
(complexes, shops, offices)

> Residential buildings – Housing and condominiums

> Resorts and hotels

> Factories

> Schools, hospitals, army camps


Product Features

> AESTHETICALLY PLEASING – REJANG and DUOS tanks are available in variety of stone-effect and solid colours and various design configuration. The REJANG 1200 is an award-winning design of the Malaysia Good Design Mark 2012 Award

> QUALITY PRODUCTS – REJANG and ENDAU tanks are SIRIM tested and certified to Malaysian Standards MS1225

> COMPLETE RANGE OF ACCESSORIES – To ensure good quality of re-use water for washing and toilet flushing, PURITY filters are available to remove particles and pollutants up to 0.4mm filtration level. ZEOTECH also have devices that regulate the flow of city water to top up the rainwater tank to ensure constant supply of water for reuse

> STRONG, DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT – Inherent properties of molded polyethylene tanks making them easy to install, handle and transport

> CORROSION RESISTANT – Polyethylene tanks require no painting maintenance against rusting

> UV RESISTANT – Polyethylene material for ZEOTECH tanks are UV stabilised for outdoor storage and use

> LEAK-PROOF – Seamless tank design in single-piece molding



Project References

14 unit Semi-D in Ulu Klang Ampang, Selangor

Bungalows, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur