WEIDALINE HDPE pressure pipes are highly flexible, lightweight, versatile, chemical resistant, non toxic, UV resistant, has superior flowability and high impact resistance.

We provide technical advice, installation and welding services as well as a wide range of accessories and fittings including pipe-welding machines.



> Potable water distribution – on land or underwater

> Irrigation, agriculture and aquaculture

> Sewerage and effluent disposal

> Pipes relining

> Conveyance of chemicals

> Gas distribution

> Cable conduits


Product Features

> Manufactured from premium engineering-grade HDPE material

> WEIDALINE Pressure Pipes are certified by SIRIM to Malaysian Standards MS1058 with Product Certification Listing from SPAN (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara)

> Designed to meet ISO 4427 (for potable water) and MS1086 and ISO 4437 (for gaseous fuels)

> Lightweight for easy transportation, handling and installation

> Excellent chemical resistance

> Superior flowability

> Flexible – Able to bend and conform to soil conditions

> Smooth internal and external walls

> Available in long lengths – fewer joints needed and minimises risks of leakage


Product Range

> Available in various sizes ranging from 20mm (OD) to 500mm (OD)

> Nominal Pressure ranging from PN 6.3 to PN 20

> Wide range of fittings available including;-

  1. Fabricated HDPE fittings
  2. Compression fittings
  3. Electrofusion fittings

Fabricated HDPE fittings

Compression fittings

Electrofusion fittings


Project References

Kpg. Belimbing, Padawan

Austra Heights, Bintulu

TH Raja Udang Palm Oil Mill, Pusa, Sarawak