WEIDAFLOAT floating systems is the modern solution to replace the traditional methods of constructing jetties, wharves, marinas and other floating structures. WEIDAFLOAT’s floating structure, decked with either wood, steel or concrete, is held afloat by an array of WEIDAFLOAT polyethylene float modules. The systems come with a range of integral components like gangways, fenders, cleats, handrails, bollards, pile and guides etc. Special purpose pontoons like boathouses and intake pump station can be customised.

WII provides extensive service and support from the design, supply, fabrication to the installation and commissioning of WEIDAFLOAT floating systems.



> Marinas

> Platforms

> Pontoons

> Boat houses

> Floating structures and walkways


Product Features

> COMPREHENSIVE PONTOON DESIGN – WEIDAFLOAT systems can be designed to meet AS3962 : THE AUSTRALIAN STANDARD GUIDELINE FOR DESIGN OF MARINAS. The design of WEIDAFLOAT systems includes comprehensive integrated system components

> MODULAR FLOAT DESIGN – Modular float systems enable pontoon designs to be more flexible yet efficient. Any localised loads on the platform can be countered by adding modules at the affected areas. Being modular, damages to any float module can be isolated and replaced without affecting other modules

> FAST INSTALLATION – Where a pontoon can be designed in modular segments, the segments can be factory-installed, delivered to site, connected up and launched into position within a very short period of time

> UV RESISTANT – Polyethylene material for WEIDAFLOAT modules are UV stabilised for outdoor storage and use

> LEAKPROOF – WEIDAFLOAT modules are manufactured in seamless, single-piece construction using rotational molding. In case of any damage during use, the module will not sink as the cavity in the float is filled with polyurethane foam


Product Range

Float modules


Project References

Semporna Holiday Resort, Sabah

UNIMAS, Sarawak

Kuching Waterfront, Sarawak