Sewerage Network

Sewage is transported via underground sewerage networks which extend from the source of generation to the treatment plants and to the final discharge points after treatment. WII manufactures and supplies HDPE sewer pipes, fittings, inspection chambers and covers to cater for such sewerage network applications.



Ranging from small polyethylene (PE) individual septic tanks to large centralised sewage treatment plants, WII provides products and system to cater for all domestic wastewater treatment needs.



Oil and Grease Interceptors

Oil and grease (O&G) from kitchen wastewater needs to be removed before being discharged into sewerage networks to prevent sewer pipes from clogging up. O&G poses serious problem for sewer networks and treatment plants and in Malaysia, many local authorities are making the installation of O&G interceptors compulsory for food outlets. WII manufactures a range of O&G interceptors; from small, compact, under-the-sink grease traps for coffeeshops and foodstalls, to large centralised units which are buried underground.