TRAFSAFE Road Barriers are temporary barriers used for traffic management during road construction management. They can be interlocked to form a line barrier which is ideal to divert traffic flow to ensure the safety of road users. Optionally, road hoardings can be installed over the barriers to extend the height of the road block.


Product Features

> STRONG, DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT – Inherent properties of molded polyethylene products making them tough and impact resistant; yet easy to handled and transported

> INTERLOCKING FEATURES – TRAFSAFE is designed with male-female attachment features which allows barriers to be connected securely, while allowing for a reasonable bending angle for barriers to be lined in a curved delineation on the road

> WATER FILLABLE – TRAFSAFE barriers can be filled with water to add weight to act as a more permanent barrier. They can easily be emptied to be moved about

> BRIGHT COLOURED – TRAFSAFE are produced in bright lasting orange and white colours for better visibility and safety

> CORROSION RESISTANT – Polyethylene requires no painting maintenance against rusting

> UV RESISTANT – Polyethylene material for TRAFSAFE are UV stabilised for outdoor storage and use

> CUSTOMISED FEATURES – Customer’s name can be embossed/painted on the sides of TRAFSAFE barriers. Reflector stickers can also be attached. TRAFSAFE has a recessed feature on top for the mounting of reflector lights


Product Range







Project References

Pan Borneo, Tawau, Sabah

Kolombong Flyover, Sabah


MRT2, Kuala Lumpur