Drainage and Irrigation

Stormwater is conveyed via drainage or irrigation networks to prevent flooding and/or control water supply in plantations. Such networks usually comprise of open or closed channels, culverts, subsoil drainage systems and flow/level control devices. WII manufactures HDPE products like stormwater pipes and culverts, subsoil pipes, as well as flap-gates and stop-gates.



On-Site Detention

On-site detention systems are commonly used in urban stormwater management to prevent floods. On-site detention is a part of the requirements of Malaysian Stormwater Management Guidelines (MSMA) for new property development in Malaysia to comply with WII designs, manufactures and supplies various sizes of underground HDPE pipe tank systems and networks to collect and store stormwater within the perimeter of a development, before releasing it at a control rate into external public drains and waterways.



Rainwater Harvesting

In urban areas, rainwater is harvested as an environmental effort to conserve water and provide non-potable water supply for flushing, cleaning and gardening. In Malaysia, by-laws are in place in certain states to make rain water harvesting compulsory. In rural areas where water supply is absent and scarce, rainwater harvesting remains the only source of water for the villagers daily needs. WII provides rainwater harvesting systems and solutions for both urban and rural settings. Such systems provides some form of basic, initial filtration prior to storage.