WEIDA ToiletHouse is a unique solution to rural sanitation. The toilet, made of polyethylene material, comprises of 3 main components which can be easily transported and installed.

The ToiletHouse outlet can be connected to an external septic tank or pit lining.


Product Features

> ROT-FREE AND HYGIENIC – Polyethylene does not rot, decay or susceptible to termite attacks unlike wood. Polyethylene does not absorb water; hence does not promote bacteria growth which causes stench in the toilet. The interior of the toilet is white in colour for ease of cleaning to maintain good hygiene

> STRUCTURALLY RIGID – To provide optimum strength and rigidity, the door and slab are molded in double-wall construction, whilst the body is integral with the door frame

> EASY & FAST INSTALLATION – The ToiletHouse consist of 3 main prefabricated components which is easily fitted at the site. The door is pre-installed onto the body. This has only to be fitted onto the base slab with the rear wall panel

> EASY TRANSPORTATION – The components are lightweight, can be nested and stacked, reducing freight costs

> CORROSION RESISTANT – Polyethylene requires no protective painting maintenance against rusting

> UV RESISTANT – The polyethylene material for ToiletHouse contains UV stabilisers for excellent weathering and outdoor exposure

> SPACIOUS – The TolietHouse is spacious with good ventilation and natural lighting to ensure the comfort of the users


Product Specification



Project References

Temporary Camp, Sabah