WII’s manufacturing processes offer great flexibility for product customisation. WII provides customised plastics solutions for a variety of industries and applications. Our customised solutions cover:

Customised Moldings









Plastics Fabrication and Assembly










Customised Moldings

With years of experience working on designing ground-breaking rotationally moulded products for our customers, we ensure customer requirements are met in delivering cost effective, high quality products. We use the latest rotomolding technology, tooling and equipment to provide practical, innovative products for our valued customers.

Our customised services include;-

• Product Design and Development
• Mold Making
• Product Molding Services









Product Design

Our strong team of a highly-qualified product designers and engineers utilise design software like SOLIDWORKS and AutoCAD for all products and molds including the assembly and integrated components and accessories are designed in-house.

We also run Finite Element Analysis on the 3-D models to simulate the product’s stress-strain behaviour during actual application to ensure structural design soundness.



Mould Making

We employ a team of skilled and experienced in-house toolmaker/mold maker to fabricate sheet metal moulds for rotational molding. Machined steel/aluminium molds are used for blow molding.

For complex designs and for specific surface finishes/textures, cast aluminum moulds or CNC machined aluminum moulds, which offer a very high degree of design flexibility and quality, are used.


Product Molding Services

We offer molding services on various plastic molding processes depending on the desired quantities, design complexity and product applications:

1. Rotational Moulding or Rotomoulding is a highly versatile process that allows unlimited design possibilities at a lower production costs. Features of products from the rotomolding process include;-

  • Medium to large hollow products of complex shapes
  • Seamless one-piece molding without joints
  • Tough and impact resistant – stress-free molding process
  • High variety of colours & suitable for outdoor applications
  • Lightweight with floatation capabilities









2. Blowmolding process offer high speed production rates for relatively small-sized hollow articles. A highly versatile process that allows unlimited design possibilities at a lower production costs. We have machineries capable of molding hollow products up to 3,000 litres in volume. Products from the blow molding process exhibits similar features to that of rotational molding products.









Customised Molding Features and Capabilities




Products can be manufactured in multilayer wall construction. The expertise of producing double or triple layers provides the customer a variety of options.





Polyethylene foaming can be used to enhanced the strength of parts as foamed parts have high weight to strength ratios, providing excellent impact strength and protection against dents and punctures.







Molded products can be filled with polyurethane foam for insulation purposes (eg: boxes and containers) or for floatation purposes (eg: floats and buoys).







Logos and names can be embedded onto the product feature as Embossments. Embossments are created from templates on the mold and the embossment is an integral part of the molding and has the same colour as the product.







Permanent coloured graphics like Mold-On Graphics can be used to label and decorate the molded product. Unlike conventional decals, these graphics will not chip, peel off, fade or crack and will last the life the product.








Threads for screws can be embedded into rotomolded products using inserts.


Custom Molded Products Portfolio

Water Tanks and Filters







Floats and Buoys










Playground Components









Agricultural and Aquaculture









Walls and Barriers









Decorative Planters









Plastics Fabrication and Assembly

Our assembly team of skilled personnel to carry out thermal extrusion welding to fabricate structures out of large HDPE pipes and sheets to make products like large customised underground tanks, structures, manholes and fittings.









HDPE Fabricated Products Portfolio

Underground Tanks, Sumps and Chambers