POLYPLANTERs come in a range of modern attractive designs, shapes and sizes. Made from polyethylene, these versatile and aesthetically-friendly pots offer many advantages as an alternative to traditional clay pots.



> Home garden

> Decorative planters for commercial premises like mall, hotels, exhibition halls, offices and showrooms

> Nurseries

> Public landscape on roadsides and parks


Product Features

> STRONG, DURABLE AND LONG LASTING – Inherent properties of molded polyethylene products making them tough, impact resistant and long lasting, unlike ceramic pots which are heavy and prone to breakage

> LIGHTWEIGHT – Polyethylene pots are light and can easy to be handled and transported;

> WIDE RANGE OF DESIGNS & PATTERNS – POLYPLANTERs exhibit unglazed finishes with some designs having stone textured surface; while others have intricately carved pattern to suit both indoor and outdoor landscaping

> GOOD WATER RETENTION – Polyethylene pots, unlike clay pots, are naturally non porous. It reduces evaporation and water loss through the pot walls, reducing the need of regular watering

> CHOICE OF COLOUR – While terracotta is the standard colour, some designs come with options of stone-effect colours

> CORROSION RESISTANT – Polyethylene requires no painting maintenance against rusting

> UV RESISTANT – Polyethylene material for POLYPLANTERs are UV stabilised for outdoor storage and use

> ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Damaged or old polyethylene pots can be recycled


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