Rapid urbanization has led to changes in landscape and hydrology in major cities leading to the frequent occurrences of flash flood. To alleviate this, Malaysia has in the early 2000s, introduced and enforced stormwater management in all new developments. Through its MSMA guidelines, a new development would have to manage its surface runoff and stormwater discharge through retention and detention methods.

FLOLINE 3-W Stormwater On Site Detention (OSD) System controls the flow of stormwater by providing a temporary storage area for excess stormwater & discharging the water at a controlled rate.

The OSD tank system is an interconnected network of FLOLINE 3-W pipes to form a large underground tank. For any particular development site, WEIDA can provide services to size, design, supply and install FLOLINE 3-W OSD systems me meet the MASMA’s requirements.


Product Features

> SIRIM CERTIFIED & SPAN APPROVED – FLOLINE 3-W pipes are certified to DIN 16961 Part 1 & 2 by SIRIM with Product Certification Listing by SPAN (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara)

> EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG & TOUGH – Due to its profile wall design, FLOLINE 3-W pipes has exceptionally high strength in ring and bending stiffness with excellent long term load bearing capabilities. Able to withstand 40-tonne vehicle loads and burial depths of 20m depending on soil backfill conditions

> FAST INSTALLATION & REDUCED LEAKAGE – OST Tanks are prefabricated in segments and manifolds with manholes. There will be minimal number of joints to be done at site

> SPACE SAVING – Due to the strength of the pipes, the system can be buried under carparks

> FLEXIBLE – Able to bend and conform to soil conditions without fracture failure

> CORROSION RESISTANT – HDPE requires no protective painting maintenance against rusting

> UV RESISTANT – The HDPE material for FLOLINE 3-W pipes contains carbon black additives which are excellent UV retardants for outdoor exposure

> LIGHTWEIGHT – HDPE products are inherently light and eases transportation, handling and installation

> CHEMICAL RESISTANT – HDPE, being an inert material, can resist the extremes of pH in soil, sewage and wastewater without degrading

> REDUCED RISK OF LEAKAGE – FLOLINE 3-W OSD tanks are prefabricated


Project References

Limbang, Sarawak

Manjung Power Plant, Perak

Balai Polis Bongawan, Kota Kinabalu