The FLOLINE 3-W pipe, manufactured from premium engineering-grade HDPE material, is ideal for underground or aboveground gravity and low-pressure applications for drainage and irrigation. They can also be used as intake and outfall pipes for power plants and water treatment plants.



> Road Culverts

> Stormwater drainage pipes

> Sewer pipes

> Irrigation pipes


Product Features

> SIRIM CERTIFIED & SPAN APPROVED – FLOLINE 3-W pipes are certified to DIN 16961 Part 1 & 2 by SIRIM with Product Certification Listing by SPAN (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara)

> EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG & TOUGH – Due to its profile wall design, FLOLINE 3-W pipes has exceptionally high strength in ring and bending stiffness with excellent long term load bearing capabilities. Able to withstand 40-tonne vehicle loads and burial depths of 20m depending on soil backfill conditions

> FLEXIBLE – Able to bend and conform to soil conditions without fracture failure

> CORROSION RESISTANT – HDPE requires no protective painting maintenance against rusting

> UV RESISTANT – the HDPE material for FLOLINE 3-W pipes contains carbon black additives which are excellent UV retardants for outdoor exposure

> LIGHTWEIGHT – HDPE products are inherently light and eases transportation, handling and installation

> CHEMICAL RESISTANT – HDPE, being an inert material, can resist the extremes of pH in soil, sewage and wastewater without degrading

> ABRASION RESISTANT – HDPE resists abrasion better than conventional material like concrete and steel which can pit and rust. As a result, FLOLINE 3-W pipes can ensure good, long-term flow characteristics

> REDUCED RISK OF LEAKAGE – FLOLINE 3-W pipes are available in long lengths and requires fewer joints


Size Range



Project References

RH Plaza, Kuching

Sarawak General Hospital, Kuching