ECOTRAP are communal grease traps which are used to reduce the amount of fats, oil and grease (FOG) which enters the sewerage and drainage systems. FOGs if not trapped at source, will eventually clog the networks. Typically, the trap is installed underground or in the basement and receives wastewater from a number of sinks from within the premise/building which it serves. ECOTRAP is available in two designs depending on size; vertical and horizontal.

ECOTRAP works on lengthening the flow path from inlet to outlet using multiple baffles to allow separation of FOG and water. Each trap comes with a mesh strainer at the inlet to trap out food sediment. The collected FOG in the trap needs to be removed periodically via mechanical methods (desludging tanker) or manual scooping/scaping.



> Coffeeshops

> Restaurants

> Canteens

> Food Courts

> Hawker Centres

> Food Processing Factories

> Butcher Shops

> Wet Markets

> Bakeries


Size Range


Product Features

> FAST INSTALLATION – ECOTRAPs are factory-manufactured and can be installed very fast at site on a “drop-and-bury” concept; unlike concrete tank systems which requires a long construction time

> STRONG, DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT – Fabricated from HDPE pipes, buried ECOTRAPs are strong to withstand both soil and vehicular loading. Inherent properties of molded polyethylene tanks making them easy to install, handle and transport

> EFFICIENT FOG SEPARATION – Due to its’ multi-chamber baffles, a well-maintained ECOTRAP can remove more than 90% of FOG from the wastewater flow

> CORROSION RESISTANT – ECOTRAPs requires no painting maintenance against rusting

> EASY MAINTENANCE – ECOTRAPs are designed with convenient top access for grease removal. Covers are designed to be user-friendly


Project References

Stutong Market, Kuching

Kolombong, Sabah

Market, Miri