The ECOCAGE is an extension of the WEIDACAGE III. It is a larger floating cage system for freshwater aquaculture. The system is made up by joining together segments of polyethylene (PE) floating modules to make up 6m x 6m square apertures. Being larger, the whole cage is reinforced by metal structure. Aquaculture nets are hung from the structure inside the apertures to form cages. The cage systems are either anchored via weights or tied to land via ropes.



> Freshwater aquaculture – Ponds, lakes, rivers, canals, reservoirs or dams


Product Features

> SAFE – Polyethylene is non-toxic and brings no harm to aquatic life

> MODULAR DESIGN – ECOCAGE systems can be easily expanded. The number of apertures can be increased in any direction by adding on more modules to any side of an existing system. Any configuration/arrangement can be made to suit site operations requirements

> EASY INSTALLATION – ECOCAGE systems are relatively lightweight and easy to mobilise. Metal frames and the float modules are installed together on land, and gradually pushed out into the water

> UV RESISTANT – Polyethylene material for ECOCAGE modules and accessories tanks are UV stabilised for outdoor storage and use

> LEAKPROOF – ECOCAGE modules are manufactured in seamless, single-piece construction using rotational molding

> USER FRIENDLY – The ECOCAGE modules are molded with anti-slip features on the walking surfaces for safety of people working on the system. There are options to install wooden walkway on top of the cages if a larger walking platform is required


Product Specifications


Project References

Batang Ai, Sarawak