CHEZY inspection chambers (or manholes) are used in sewer and drainage systems for ease of inspection and maintenance. CHEZY chambers, injection molded from polypropylene (PP) and ABS material, are available in a wide variety of simple, push-fit assembly components and pipe connections.

Being prefabricated, lightweight and easy to assemble, the chambers can be installed quicker and is a more economical solution than traditional methods of chamber construction using bricks and concrete.

The chambers are tough and strong, do not leak in the event of ground movement and settlement and their connections are water and air tight. The chamber covers are UV-stabilised for outdoor weathering and do not corrode.

CHEZY manholes are 315mm in diameter and commonly used to connect pipe sizes between 100 to 160mm, which are typical sizes of residential and commercial sewage and drainage networks. By combining different modular components, CHEZY chambers can accommodate pipe layouts of different directions, depths, invert levels, as well as different types of pipes commonly used in sewerage and drainage networks.

Manufactured by Chezy Industries Sdn Bhd, CHEZY chambers comply to BS EN 13598-1:2003 and BS EN 1253-2:2000 standards and is approved for use by various local councils across the country.



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