The Villagepump VP500 Ultrafiltration system is a stand alone, multi-stage filter capable of removing harmful pathogens from virtually any fresh water source, to produce clean, drinking water. More importantly, this compact system operates without the need of electricity, making it suitable for use in very remote areas or in emergency situations during natural disasters.

One VP500 unit produces up to 500 litres/hour of clean water through manual hand-pumping operations. The heart of the system is a high quality ultra-filtration membrane from Pentair, the leading membrane manufacturer in Europe, and a patented, mechanical auto-backwash valve system. While the system operates to produce clean water, the auto backwash valve is triggered periodically to clean and “unclog” the membrane to ensure the output rate is consistent over long periods of use.

Manufactured in the Netherland by Villagepump BV, the VP500 is easy to transport, operate with minimal maintenance, consistent and reliable. Weida Integrated Industries Sdn Bhd is the sole, licensed distributor of Villagepump VP500 in Malaysia.




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