Composite Stainless Steel NOVA ISS composite stainless steel panel is the new generation panel tank systems used for storage of potable water. Panel tanks advantageous as they are modular and can be configured to fit into irregular spaces in buildings. NOVA ISS tanks are unique composite panels which comprise of an inner layer of stainless steel (SS) layer with a coated mild steel (MS) external layer. Comparatively, NOVA tanks are less costly compared to full SS panel tanks, and they are ideal replacements for old panel tank (with lining) or FRP tanks.

The NOVA ISS tank incorporates an External Reinforcement System (ERS) to replace the traditional stay bolts and tri-bars. This allows the inside of the tank to be completely obstruction free, for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Traditionally Used
Internal Staybolts / Tri-Bar System

External Reinforcement System


NOVA ISS panel tank is certified by SIRIM to BS 1564:1975 and approved by SPAN in Malaysia. The tank also has approval from Pihak Berkuasa Air Sarawak under the state’s Ministry of Utilities. The tanks come with a 10-year warranty against material and structure failure.  Weida Integrated Industries Sdn Bhd is the sole distributor of NOVA ISS tanks in the state of Sarawak.


Project References

Sibu Water Board, Sibu Jaya, Sarawak
1 unit 12m x 8m x 3mH – 63,300 gallon


Pudu Ulu, Kuala Lumpur
1 unit 21m x 5m x 4mH – 92,400 gallon


RKT Chalil, Gua Musang, Kelantan
1 unit 40’ x 36’ x 8’H – 50,206 gallon


Lembaga Air Perak, Taiping, Perak
1 unit 20’ x 20’ x 12’H – 30,000 gallon





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