Composting using ECOBIN Composter is a natural, economical and environment friendly way of recycling and returning vital nutrients contained in plants and animal material to the soil for growing plants and flowers. It degrades household food waste and garden waste into useful compost.

It is an economical way to reduce organic waste materials deposited at landfills while preserving naturing resources.



> Household gardens

> Nurseries

> Gardens

> Parks

> Schools

> Camps


Product Features

> ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY & ECONOMICAL – Reduces the disposal of household and garden wastes. It is a natural method of organic waste disposal to get “free” fertiliser

> USEFUL COMPOST – Compost improves soil structure and promotes healthy household plants and trees

> VERSATILE – All kinds of food wastes from households and food outlets can be used

> EASY INSTALLATION – Assembly of the ECOBIN is simple and fast. Only need to place the composter in direct sunlight and soil ground

> EASY MAINTENANCE – No moving mechanical parts or electrical components for this system. The composter can be disassembled easily for cleaning and removal of compost

> DURABLE & TOUGH – All components are manufactured from UV-stabilised Polyethylene and stainless steel. No protective coatings or painting is required as it is completely corrosion free with excellent strength and durability


Product Specification