BALMORAL Epoxy Steel tanks are commonly used as storage reservoirs in potable water storage, industrial and agricultural applications. The tank is made up of efusion® epoxy coated steel panels which are bolted up together to form large circular tank reservoirs.

The fusion bonded epoxy treatment provides a highly resistant coating to the tank panels. The benefits of epoxy coated steel tanks against more traditional tank coatings include higher durability to impact, better protection against corrosion, lower carbon footprint and more efficient design principles.

Balmoral tanks can be installed as ground tanks, as well as on elevated towers. A single Balmoral tank can be designed to store more than 5 million litres of water. Tank diameters can over 40m and tall vertical tanks are also possible up to heights of 20m.

Manufactured by Balmoral Tanks, a leading European tank design and manufacturing company, the product is certified by IKRAM to ANSI/AWWA D103-97 and approved by SPAN in Malaysia. The tank also has approval from Pihak Berkuasa Air Sarawak under the state’s Ministry of Utilities.

The tanks come with a 10-year warranty against material and structure failure. Weida Integrated Industries Sdn Bhd is the sole distributor of Balmoral Tanks in the state of Sarawak.


Project References

Nestle, Sri Muda, Selangor

1 unit 14.037md x 18mH – 597,900 gallon
1 unit 9.35md x 18mH – 265,700 gallon

Aceites Sustenable Palm Oil Mill

2 units 28.855md x 9.6mH – 1,320,000 gallon
1 unit 17.937md x 4.8mH – 225,940 gallon

First Solar, Kulim, Kedah
1 unit 10.138md x 6.0mH – 100,540 gallon

SAMB, Tanjung Minyak, Melaka
1 unit 21.836md x 4.8mH – 370,000 gallon

AKSB, Gua Musang, Kelantan
1 unit 24.96md x 4.8mH – 484,000 gallon




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